Dry Needling and ultrasound guided acupuncture

Alongside traditional acupuncture at the clinic, Matthew Stevens carries out a westernised form of acupuncture called Dry Needling. He often dry needles under ultrasound imaging in order to ensure accurate placement of the needle for optimum results. This is however not always required for the more common pain disorders he treats.

Dry needling is the practice of using acupuncture needles to treat muscle pain as well as tendon disorders (tendonitis for example) and some joint pain conditions. The technique was developed from acupuncture to be incorporated into a more westernised approach to medicine and the use of needling techniques. Dry needling aims to treat muscle pain by reducing localised muscle bundle contractions (trigger points) by overstimulating the local nervous system feedback loop. Dry needling also increases blood supply to the area and helps promote healing and there is also recent evidence that dry needling areas of longstanding pain my play a role in re calibrating the patients perception of pain i.e. increase the trigger required before pain is perceived in the brain.

Dry needling is very effective for treating long standing pain around the spine as well as shoulder and tendon conditions. Often the effects are immediate and can make a dramatic difference in pain control and management  Matthew will often combine Dry Needling with Osteopathy to create an optimum approach to your problem.

Please note this is only performed by Matthew at the Wimpole st branch and has a different price structure to our existing practitioners.